Social Impact Internship Scheme
Here at Student Hubs, we specialise in recruiting talented and socially engaged summer interns for charities and social enterprises located in the UK. If your organisation works to achieve social impact and you have an internship opportunity this summer, then this is the scheme for you!
Between 4 - 8 weeks over summer
London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Winchester, Southampton
What is the internship scheme?
What do we do?
Here at Student Hubs, we select talented and dynamic students from Hub universities (Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Kingston, SOAS and Winchester) who are interested in pursuing a career in the social impact sector. We place students in internships with social impact host organisations over the university holidays. We also provide students training to develop their professional skills and the opportunity to meet inspiring and like minded people.
Why do we do it?
Pursuing a career in the social impact sector can be a challenge, and we believe it is important to provide an entry point for committed students so that they can develop their skills, increase their professional experience and gain insights into the sector. We also want to enable them to make an impact during their summer and contribute to the important work being done by social impact organisations.
How do we do it?
We promote the Social Impact Internship opportunities to our network of 30,000 students across the UK. Interested students are invited to submit an online application to the scheme.
Successful applicants are then invited to interview and those who are successful are placed on to the scheme. We then run a matching process which matches students to host organisations.
Whats the timeline?
How do you get involved?
If you have a summer internship opportunity at your organisation involving a project or a role that could be meaningful experience to a student and are looking for some talented extra hands on deck, then this is the scheme for you! If youre interested and simply want more information then simply give us your contact details by filling out the interest registration form and well be in touch. If you know that youd like to host an intern this summer then fill out the application form.
What can you gain?
Hassle free recruitment & placement.
Student Hubs takes on board all responsibility for the recruitment and placement of students with host organisations. This process begins with the promotion and advertising of the scheme to students in our network, inviting potential interns to apply, monitoring applications, conducting interviews and finally conducting the matching process in order to secure each host the best possible match.
We seek to match interns to host organisations where skills, values and interests are as closely aligned as they can be in order to ensure the student is motivated and focused throughout. Student Hubs will be there to help facilitate the communication between interns and hosts and ensure all necessary arrangements are made.
Access to socially engaged, dynamic and talented students.
Student Hubs reaches 30,000 students through our 10 hubs across the country. We love the passionate, socially engaged and talented students who make up our network and we love it even more when students apply their skills and their passions to make an impact through participating in the internship scheme.
Centralised training, mentoring and networking opportunities for all interns.
Student Hubs offers a fully comprehensive training programme for all interns, often featuring guest speakers who are considered to be experts in their field. These training sessions prepare interns for their placements by equipping them with all the skills they need and also offer them the opportunity to network with other interns and host organizations.
Host Organisation Toolkit.
Student Hubs provides host organsisations with a toolkit which includes guidance on best practice, advice on your interns development and guidelines on running a successful internship placement.
What else do you need to know?
Information on Finders Fees
Our finders fees are based on the turnover of the organisation and are charged per intern we place, as you can see in the table below:
The service we provide is the placement of a student intern at a project or work opportunity you have available. Student Hubs takes on all responsibility of the process involved in the recruitment and placement of interns. We seek to match interns to host organisations where skills, values and interests are as closely aligned as they can be. We only charge the finders fee and invoice you once an intern has been successfully matched to an organisation. We charge the finders fee in order to cover the costs of training for the students as well as the staff time required to run the scheme.
Fair Internships Policy
We actively encourage all of our host organisations to pay interns. In the past, many of our Interns have been employed by their organisation or given a stipend but unfortunately many charities cannot afford this and an intern may be volunteering.
We are working to ensure that Social Impact Internships are available to all, irrespective of background or ability to support oneself financially. Here at Student Hubs, we have a Fair Internships Policy to make sure students get the support they need if they cant afford to work for free.
We ask our host organisations to take a few steps in order to ensure they abide by our fair internships policy:
  • Ensure interns are paid reasonable expenses for lunch and travel in timely manner.
  • Offer flexible or part time internships so interns can undertake paid employment alongside if they need to.
  • Some host organisations have been able to offer accommodation in the past. This is not essential but very helpful if possible!
  • If you have any questions or issues concerning the above guidelines, Student Hubs is committed to helping you out as much as we possibly can just get in touch.
If you have any questions about the Social Impact Internship Scheme please get in touch at
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