At Student Hubs, we specialise in recruiting talented and socially engaged student interns for charities, social enterprises and CSR departments based in the UK. If your organisation works to achieve social impact and you have an internship opportunity this summer, then this is the scheme for you!

Between 6 - 8 weeks over summer

London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Winchester, Southampton

What is the internship scheme?

What do we do?

Now in its sixth year, the Social Impact Internship Scheme runs each summer and seeks to match talented and dynamic students with exciting social impact organisations to carry out a 6-8 week placement. We recruit students from Hub universities (Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Kingston and Winchester) who are interested in pursuing a career in the social impact sector. Organisations approach us or we ask them if they would be interested in hosting a student intern. Student Hubs then matches students to the placement opportunities available. Furthermore, we provide support for organisations and students throughout the placements including training days for student interns.

I think the value of having university students as interns is the opportunity to get a different insight into young people’s creativity and talents. - Farah Mohammoud, YouPress, Host Organisation 2016

Why do we do it?

Organisations often lack the capacity and resources to complete all the work they woud like to achieve. Meanwhile students are eager to develop their skills; increase their professional experience and gain insights into the sector. The Internship Scheme connects these two desires, enabling organisations to consolidate their impact while increasing entry points to the sector for socially committed students. The Internship Scheme has a dual benefit for the organisation and the student interns.

Student Interns are capable of doing meaningful work that is being left undone, because smaller charities and businesses are constrained by not being able to resource as much as they have need for. Student Hubs helps to break that gridlock and allows a charity to begin to gain momentum with their key tasks. - Albie Stadtmiller, St Vincent’s Family Project, Host Organisation 2015, 2016

How do we do it?

We welcome applications from host organisations from January onwards. After receiving your application, we check that it meets some basic requirements and standards. We will then call or email you to welcome you as a host and you will receive an Information Pack.

Students are recruited from our network of 21,000 students across England. There are two rounds of selection- online application and an interview. Students who pass both rounds are then accepted onto the Scheme.

We carry out a matching process, which aims to align the student’s skills and interests with the work project proposed by the organisation.

What’s the timeline?

How do you get involved?

If you can offer a meaningful work project at your organisation this summer or you’re looking for some extra capacity, this is the scheme for you! If you’re interested to find out more information, then register your interest in the form above and we’ll be in touch. If you already know that you’d like to host an intern this summer, then fill out the application form.

83% of respondents agreed that user groups benefited in some way from the organisation working with a student intern.

What can you gain?

Hassle free recruitment & placement.

Student Hubs takes on board all responsibility for the recruitment and placement of students with host organisations. This process begins with the promotion and advertising of the Scheme to students in our network; inviting potential interns to apply; reviewing applications; conducting interviews and finally carrying out the matching process in order to secure each host the best possible match.

We seek to match interns to host organisations where skills, values and interests are as closely aligned as possible in order to ensure the student is motivated and focused throughout the placement. Student Hubs will be there to help facilitate the communication between interns and hosts, enabling all necessary arrangements to be made.

Access to socially engaged, dynamic and talented students.

Student Hubs reaches 21,000 students through our 6 Skilled Placement Hubs. We are proud of the passionate, socially engaged and talented students who make up our network and we love when students apply their skills and their interests to making an impact through the Internship Scheme.

It became clear very quickly that [our intern] was passionate about her placement and whilst inexperienced in the workplace their university experience meant that they easily able to meet deadlines, learn quickly and most importantly use their initiative. - Alastair Thomas- Age UK Oxfordshire, Host Organisation 2014, 2015, 2016

Centralised training, mentoring and networking opportunities for all interns.

Student Hubs offers a comprehensive training and support programme for all interns. The training sessions prepare interns for their placements as well as future careers in a social impact career. They also offer students the opportunity to network with other interns in their area.

Host Organisation Toolkit.

Student Hubs provides host organisations with a toolkit which includes guidance on best practice, advice on your intern’s development and guidelines on running a successful placement.

What else do you need to know?

Information on Finder’s Fees

Our Finder’s Fees are based on the annual turnover of the organisation and are charged per intern we place, as you can see in the table below:

Student Hubs takes on all responsibility of the process involved in the recruitment and placement of interns. We seek to match interns to host organisations where skills, values and interests are as closely aligned as they can be. We only charge the Finder’s Fee and invoice you once an intern has begun their placement with your organisation. We charge the Finder’s Fee in order to cover the costs of training for the students as well as the staff time required to run the Scheme.

Fair Internships Policy

We strongly encourage all of our host organisations to pay interns. In the past, many of our interns have been employed by their organisation or given a stipend. Many charities cannot afford this and an intern may be volunteering.

We are working to ensure that Social Impact Internships are available to all, irrespective of ability to support oneself financially. Student Hubs operates a Fair Internships Policy to make sure students get the support they need if they cannot afford to work for free.

We ask our host organisations to take a few steps in order to ensure they abide by our fair internships policy:

You must hold reputable Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance in order to host an intern.


If you have any questions about the Social Impact Internship Scheme or would like to discuss a potential work project, please get in touch with Lydia at